Your Impact

Creating a Thriving Community

Year-round United Way is hard at work researching community needs, investing the money it raises, and tracking results.

The Focus

United Way is focused on creating large-scale, population-level social change in our community.

Breaking cycles and improving the quality of life for those in our community depends on engaging the entire community, and on doing things differently. 

To ensure lasting change, United Way of the Southern Tier utilizes a planned approach, with objectives that include:

  • Identifying root causes within our strategy areas of early childhood success, basic needs, and senior supports.
  • Creating game-changing impact by investing in solutions that are sustainable, scalable and measurable.
  • Engaging our closest supporters and volunteers in our work and provide opportunities for them to get involved.
  • Investing in innovative social ventures to help us address old problems in new ways.
  • Advocating by connecting our closest supporters with ways to advocate for public policy.

Program Partnerships

At the core of the partnership and program support process is a set of five key investment values that drive all funding decisions for United Way. They consider client need, the program's demonstrated ability to achieve positive results for the people it serves, how well the program aligns with United Way's strategic direction in the community, how effectively the program uses a broad array of resources to get results, and its efforts toward continuous learning and program improvement. Well-run programs that align with identified priorities and get solid results are good investments for our community. See Program Partners List

Annual giving donations are invested in programs and services that align with researched community priorities:

Community Initiatives

Investments are also made in targeted community initiatives that strengthen the stability of families and their ability to access the services they need to be successful. United Way develops, supports and maintains positive community partnerships that leverage funding, services and other resources that yield positive results.

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