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How can I give to United Way of the Southern Tier?
If available at your workplace, payroll deduction is
convenient and easy. Just decide how much you want to give, and sign your pledge card. Your donation will be deducted from your paycheck and sent to United Way of the Southern Tier, then on to the programs serving people who need it most.
If you do not have a workplace campaign, you can give online or by mailing a check to:
United Way of the Southern Tier
300 Nasser Civic Center Plaza
Suite 220
Corning, NY 14830

How much did United Way of the Southern Tier raise last year?
With the support of many generous individuals and organizations, United Way of the Southern Tier raised $4,414,081 in 2014.

Why should I give to the Community Campaign?
If you want your gift to have the greatest possible impact, please select the "Community Fund" choice when you make your United Way pledge. A gift to the Community Fund offers you a chance to join thousands of others who are tackling our community' toughest human care problems, and offers assurance that the programs you're supporting will make the most impact.

Why not give my money directly to one agency?
United Way multiplies your impact in improving the lives of people in your community. Giving to United Way is an investment in your community. Your donation is combined with others and invested in 82 programs that help people right here in our community to improve their lives.

Can I designate my contribution to a particular charity?
Yes, but don't overlook the value of United Way's Community Fund. You may designate a portion of your total contribution to any non-profit organization, and you can give some to the Community Fund. If you choose to designate, your gift must equal $50 or more.

Is my United Way contribution tax-deductible?
Yes. United Way is a non-profit organization classified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Please consult your tax advisor for information on your specific situation.

Is there a minimum donation?
There is no minimum for gifts to the Community Fund, and as much as an hour's pay per month can have a tremendous impact in our community. By using payroll deduction, you can direct a small amount of money from each paycheck to help others. Every person's gift makes an impact, and together these gifts add up to a life-changing difference for someone in need.

If you choose to designate your gift to a specific agency or program rather than the Community Fund, your donation must be at least $50.

My spouse gives at work. Why should I give?
Your gift is just as important! All contributions help close the gap of unmet service needs in the Southern Tier. Additionally, we recognize couples who give $500 or more annually as Leadership Givers through special events and publications.

Community impact

Who benefits from my gift?
In a word - everyone! Your neighbors, co-workers, even your own family may have used United Way-funded programs. Emergency food, shelter and other crisis prevention programs for those needing help are just the beginning. If you have a child in an after-school program or in Scouts or an elderly parent who receives in-home care or meals, you have benefited. There are countless examples of people touched by United Way that add up to creating a healthy, vibrant, caring community.

For a full list of programs funded by United Way, click here.

Who decides how much money the agencies get?
Guided by United Way's core investment values, we invest the unrestricted annual campaign proceeds in local human service programs, where they are most needed and do the most good. Investment volunteers are critical to our mission to build a stronger community by investing in programs that help people improve their lives.

More information about the investment process is available here.

How much of my contribution goes to local programs?
Nearly 84 cents (83.5 percent) of every unrestricted dollar committed to the local United Way campaign is allocated to local community building initiatives and program supports. Designations to any eligible agency or program are accepted as "donor restricted," accounted for and reported separately from undesignated campaign revenues.

How does United Way know that my money really helps people?
United Way investment volunteers track results and community impact.

Agency programs are funded based on their ability to achieve results for the people they serve, and helping to "move the needle" on community conditions. They are expected to utilize evidence-based practices in delivering their services -programming that has been researched in other communities and shown to be effective. As a condition of their funding, agencies are required to report program results to United Way on a regular basis.

Even though United Way doesn't give direct assistance, how does it help the community in time of a disaster or flood?
United Way does this by funding agencies that provide extensive relief services including food, shelter, clothing and emergency medical aid. If disaster strikes locally, your United Way dollars will be put to work immediately, right here in our community.

Management & Oversight

Who manages United Way?
We are a volunteer-driven organization. Our Board of Directors is composed of knowledgeable leaders from our community. The Board establishes policy and approves allocations of resources to assure that United Way of the Southern Tier is responsibly managed.

Paid staff members complement the work of volunteers by carrying out the organization's year-round responsibilities such as fundraising and fund-distribution activities, outreach and communication programs and financial reporting. The President supervises the staff members and reports directly to United Way's volunteer Board of Directors.

Is United Way of the Southern Tier different from United Way Worldwide?
Yes. United Way Worldwide is a trade association of independent United Ways throughout the country, each separate and autonomous. It does not make policies for local United Ways, but does set standards of excellence related to financial management, branding and community impact, and assists in building relationships with national companies and organizations.

Other questions

Why do agencies need money from United Way? Doesn't the government fund their programs?
Agencies rely on several funding sources to continue offering vital services to the community. In many cases, United Way funding helps agencies expand their government funding opportunities by demonstrating that the program has local financial support.

Why do United Way-funded agencies conduct their own fund raising campaigns?
Strong not-for-profits diversify their funding so they don't have to rely on just one source. United Way-funded agencies are no exception. Although people in Steuben and Chemung counties are very generous, funds raised through United Way's campaign are not enough to address all human care needs in the Southern Tier. Funds raised through United Way are only used to support specific programs, and that means the full cost of running an agency must be covered in other ways. However, we do ask that agencies refrain from supplemental fundraising during the annual United Way campaign.



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