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More Fun Campaign Ideas

Have fun with your workplace campaign! Check out the ideas below, or come up with you own ... and if you have a cool new idea, please

Carnival and talent show

Hold a carnival and talent show to kick off your United Way campaign. As part of the program, have a group of executives perform songs, with lyrics written to fit United Way. An executive dunking booth can be part of the carnival games, giving employees the chance to dunk their favorite executive. Employees can participate in traditional carnival games such as the egg/spoon race, ring toss and duck races. For the finale, hold the Mr. or Ms. United Way Pageant, with contestants from different divisions. Each contestant must educate the audience about United Way during the talent competition, and the audience votes by placing money in large water jugs.

United Way goes Hollywood

Use a series of colorful, creative and humorous posters to publicize the campaign. Hold a bake sale with slogans like "Romancing the Scones." Hold a bowling party with slogans like "Bowl Durham" or "Honey, I Struck the Pins."

Book, music and video sale

Have employees donate old books, CDs and videos for a company or department-wide sale, with proceeds earmarked for United Way.

Joke books

Compile and sell a book of employees' favorite jokes.

Campaign games

International Olympics

Celebrate diversity by transforming departments into various countries with decor and dress to match. Organize an international potluck luncheon where employees bring their favorite ethnic dishes. Host a mini-Olympics tournament. Showcase music from around the world.

Baby/pet picture game

Invite employees to try their luck at matching baby or pet pictures of employees. Charge employees to vote, and award a fun prize to the entrant with the most correct answers.

Trivial Pursuit/chess/Scrabble contest

Recruit employees to play a chosen board game. Create a pool around the winning team or allow employees to move/acquire a game piece for every returned pledge card.

Ugly tie/earring contest

Have contestants pay to enter the ugliest tie or earring contest. Take pictures of the participants with their tie or earrings and have employees "vote" on the ugliest tie and earrings by contributing $1.

Executive chair or tricycle races

Set up a relay course for executives to go through, either sitting in a chair or on tricycles. Let observers "bet" on their favorite contestants.

Children's drawing contest

Give employees photographs of one or two top executives to take home for their children under 12 to draw. Charge a $5 entry fee to vote for the best portraits. Display the winning portraits as part of the organization's permanent art collection. Variation of this event: Have children paint depictions of people helping other people. Poems, collages and photography can also be submitted.

United Way jingle contest

Employees write jingles for United Way. Charge fees for entering and voting for the best jingles.

Tasty treats

Exotic locales

Transform your campaign into a Hawaiian luau, African safari or the Australian outback. Encourage staff and volunteers to dress the part. Host a lunch with theme-related food.

Ice cream social

Set up an ice cream bar with a variety of favorite toppings. Charge employees by the scoop.

Lunch box auction

Have employees create gourmet lunches to be auctioned to the highest bidder. Give prizes for the most creative, nutritious, elegant or humorous meals.

Dessert of the week

Each week during your campaign, sell tickets for the dessert of the week, to be made and delivered by a staff member.

Waffle/pancake breakfast

Sell tickets and have people sign up for their choice of pancakes or waffles. Cook breakfast in your company cafeteria. Don't forget bacon, sausage, toast, etc. Each department can donate an item.

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