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The application deadline has passed; for more information, contact Barbara Hubbell at (607) 936-3753, ext. 206.

Commonly asked questions

Who can apply for United Way funds?
Any 501c3 non-profit health or human service program serving Chemung and/or Steuben counties can apply. Any program awarded United Way funds must comply with the Statement of Agreement, delivering the program as proposed and reporting its results in a timely manner. Please note that alignment with United Way’s strategic focus is critically important. While there are many programs doing great things in the community, UWST seeks to specifically impact early grade literacy.

What areas does United Way fund?
There are two categories of funding: Kids on Track and Community Supports. 
Kids on Track are programs specific to early care and education (birth to pre-k), targeted programs for K-3 that promote literacy, and parenting supports that promote child success.
Community Supports are all other programs, specifically in the areas of children and youth (not included in Kids on Track, but that mutually reinforce the focus of UWST), financial stability, health and safety, and access to services and volunteerism.

How do I apply?
Any program that wants to apply must be connected in the UWST database system PRIOR to entering the application. If you have never applied, or you are not sure if the program is already connected, contact the staff at United Way (  or ) to provide the information necessary to set up your account, obtain your User ID and password. Once connected, you will be able to access the online portal. All of the instructions are posted there. 

Note: The application deadline for the three-year window beginning July 1, 2015 has passed.

I can’t remember the portal address; can you give it to me again?
You can find the portal here.

Is there a maximum amount I can apply for?
No, but … volunteers reviewing the program proposals assess "effective use of resources" as one of the investment values.  The amount requested from United Way should be based on a budget that is reasonable and realistic to deliver the stated results for the program. Total dependence on United Way for program funding can raise concerns about sustainability; additional sources of funding are always encouraged.

Do I have to complete the application online?
Yes. All applications are submitted and reviewed electronically. While you can print a copy for your records, there is no option for paper submission.

Will you provide any training?

What if I have trouble with the online process?
Stay calm; we are here to help you!  Whether it is a question about the software, or a question about the application content, don’t hesitate to contact United Way staff for assistance: (607) 936-3753, extension 208 or 206.

How long will the process take?
That depends on your comfort level with working in an online environment, your knowledge of the program’s purpose and results, and your preparation and record-keeping in the "off season." We have made several changes to the application that should increase efficiency; many sections will be fairly simple. Demographic data is based on the population served during the last program year, and information you should have access to. The narrative sections can be written off-line, then copied and pasted into the text boxes provided, if that makes it easier for you. Please be mindful of word counts, as there are limits, and follow all directions carefully. 

Do I have to finish the entire application at one time?
No. The UWST application package is broken out, page by page, for your convenience. You can enter and save your information, then submit in the manner that works best for you. Some may choose to wait and submit all of the pages at the same time, while others may complete a section and submit before moving on to the next section. Just remember, once you hit the "submit" button, that page is sent to UWST and is no longer able to be edited by you.

What happens after I submit my application?
Staff and volunteers will review each submission. Some programs may be invited to an interview while, for others, an interview may not be necessary. Most programs in Kids on Track should plan on coming in to discuss the collective efforts toward early grade literacy and how the program contributes to that end result. For many (not all) programs in Community Supports, an interview will not be required. In spring of 2015, volunteers will make their recommendations for funding to the Board of Directors. Notification of award will be made in May for funding that begins July 1, 2015. (Note: Submission of an application is not a guarantee of funding.)

Click here to see programs funded in the current funding cycle.

Questions? Contact Barbara Hubbell, Director of Community Impact, by or phone: (607) 936-3753, ext. 206.

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